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New to Vine & Branches?

Welcome to Vine & Branches Lutheran Church in Aldie, Virginia: A Community Rooted in the Love of Jesus.

If you're exploring Vine & Branches for the first time, know that we wholeheartedly center around Jesus' love. Regardless of your political stance in the last election or your past faith experiences, we're eager to meet you just as you are.

In the heart of Aldie, our congregation is a vibrant tapestry of diverse backgrounds and stories. Imperfection? We all have it. At Vine & Branches, every story adds to our rich community fabric, and each individual is warmly embraced.

Our teachings draw deeply from the Lutheran tradition, evident in our Sunday school classes and adult bible studies. Yet, like Aldie's collaborative spirit, questions are encouraged. We acknowledge that not every query has an immediate answer, and that's perfectly alright.

Life's journey is intricate, and we believe in God's guidance every step of the way. We'd be honored to accompany you on your spiritual path. Do allow us the opportunity to connect more deeply; simply share your contact details below.

Respecting your privacy is paramount to us. Should you ever wish to discontinue contact, your decision will be honored immediately.

Join us on Sundays in Aldie, Virginia: 8:30 am for Traditional Service, 9:30 am for Sunday School, or 10:30 am for Contemporary Services. We offer complimentary childcare from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.


Our People

Step into Vine & Branches Lutheran Church in Aldie, Virginia on any given Sunday, and you'll witness a beautiful blend of generations. Many families have the joyful bustle of young children, while others navigate the adventures of middle school. A handful are guiding high schoolers towards adulthood. We are especially grateful for our dedicated group of empty nesters, who generously contribute their skills and time to our community's endeavors.

In the heart of Aldie, this church is characterized by warmth and authenticity. Every one of us acknowledges our imperfections; here, everyone stands on equal ground. Politics doesn't take center stage in our sermons, and our congregation reflects a balanced mix of perspectives.

If you're driven by a mission, guided by God's calling, we enthusiastically invite you to collaborate with us. Together, in Aldie, Virginia, we can make a difference.

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Our Worship Style

Sunday Morning Services

  • 8:30 AM - Traditional Service (hymns, liturgy, robes)

  • 10:30 AM - Contemporary style worship (guitars, drums, praise music)

All of our services celebrate the Lord’s Supper and all are designed to lead you into the "means of God's grace" received at the altar.

Please join us!

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Our Sunday School

Join us for Sunday school at 9:30 am each Sunday morning. Childcare is provided from 9a-12p at no charge to ensure that all can participate and enjoy.

Our current class offerings:

  • Pre K - 1st Grade
    Bridgit Slay, Nathalie Winters in the CDC Classroom

  • 2nd-4th Grade
    Kim Wagoner, Erin Alt & Ashley Flick in the CDC After School Room

  • 5-6th Grade
    Dan Morgan in the Church Conference Room 2

  • Confirmation
    Laurel Phillip in Conference Room 1

  •  Nursery in Violets CDC Classroom 
  • Adult Bible Study
    Ray Schaible  in the Library


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Our Staff

To learn more about our staff please visit the "Staff" page. You can use the button below.

Our Staff

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Our Dreams

The Genesis of Vine & Branches

For over nine years, Vine & Branches Lutheran Church in Aldie, Virginia has been a beacon of faith and community. It feels like it was only moments ago when we were aspiring to worship with families seeking a spiritual haven. We dreamt of schools teeming with children and families eager to learn about Jesus Christ.

We pictured diverse community groups, some setting foot in a church for the very first time, leveraging our premises as a rallying point for noble initiatives. By God's grace, these dreams have transitioned into palpable realities.

Our Horizon

As we gaze ahead, what do the upcoming five years, and the subsequent ones, hold for Vine & Branches?

We feel a divine urge to deepen our roots in Aldie, Virginia over the coming half-decade. Imagining a congregation doubling in number, venturing into new architectural projects, augmenting our team with roles like an Associate Pastor, a Director of Christian Youth Education, or a Church Administration Assistant, and maximizing our Child Development Center's potential. (We hold the belief that children are divine blessings, making their holistic education paramount to us). Such growth promises a ministry with even more far-reaching impacts, ushering countless souls into God's embrace of grace. We sense that it's time to dream anew.

Aldie, located in one of the fastest-growing counties in the nation, witnesses a melting pot of cultures from all corners of the globe. We anticipate challenges, particularly in an environment that can sometimes be indifferent or even adverse to the Gospel. Yet, amidst the clamor, we see countless souls yearning for solace, guidance, and salvation. We earnestly hope that God fortifies our resolve and mobilizes each one of us in this sacred mission.

Be a Part of Our Vision

Curious about our beliefs or the direction Vine & Branches Lutheran Church is taking? Or perhaps you have an innovative suggestion? Connect with our leadership team directly through our Contact Us page

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Our Beliefs

Our Mission

Our Mission is to spread the gospel and baptize in the name of Jesus.

Embrace the love of God and receive his gift of forgiveness, engage in the life of the church, and extend the fellowship of Jesus Christ

Our Affiliation

Vine and Branches Lutheran Church is a member of the South Eastern District of the Missouri Synod.

Most of our education materials come from Concordia Publishing House in St. Louis Missouri but we are known to use a number of other publications to get a well rounded understanding of what churches are doing in mission for Jesus Christ.

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