Thank the lord & sing his praise FAQs

1.     Why do we need this campaign?
A: To prepare Vine and Branches for the future.  See the full case statement provided in this Inform package.

2.     Why did our building cost more than we anticipated?
A: Many unforeseen requirements including among many construction challenges were the costs for the construction of a traffic light that the county required, replacement of our dirt to build the building on after it was considered insufficient despite our tests that said otherwise, purchase of a pump for our water to meet the fire marshall's requirement for greater water pressure for our sprinkler system and use of sod on our playground area vice seeding it which would not have allowed us to open the CDC on time.

3.     Why did we need a bridge loan?
A: To cover unanticipated costs.  Our current bridge loan is for $445K and is a five year interest only loan with a balloon payment in March of 2021.  Construction usually costs more than budgeted since unknowns usually arise.  If you are under 10% overrun that is considered good in the construction business--this bridge loan equates to 5% of our total construction costs.

4.     How does this campaign relate and impact our mission and ministry?
A: This campaign will ensure that our mission and ministry will proceed in the future.

5.     How will this effect Phase 2 of our Building Plan?
A: It will enhance our ability to move to Phase 2 since we will be in a much better financial position.

6.     Why do we need a Phase 2? How does it relate to our overall mission?
A: Without Phase 2 we will be under-equipped and not ready for the future

7.     How much do we need to raise? 
A: Bottom line goal is $500,000; preferred goal is $700,000; and our stretch goal is $1 million.

8.     How does this campaign promote the Gospel?
A:  Our Gospel mission is to make disciples baptizing them in the name of our Lord.  The financial underpinnings of our mission will be addressed and our mission to spread the Gospel will be enhanced.

9.     Do I really need to make a commitment?
A: No.  All giving is based on faith and the ability to give.  At the very least we ask that you pray daily for our church and that God's plan will be fulfilled for Vine and Branches.  If you are not capable of making a pledge, perhaps other options would be to make a one time donation, raise your normal giving toward the biblical guidance of tithing which is 10% of one's income, volunteering your time and talents to the many needs of the church.

10.  What happens if my situation changes and I can't make my commitment?
A: Totally understandable.  Nobody should feel any guilt or pressure.  God provides all in its time.  Perhaps you might be able to make up any shortages in future months.  This is a common occurrence and has happened to folks in our past campaigns.

11.  How can I pay my commitment?
A: Prefer routine automatic withdraws (ACHs) but check is total acceptable. 

12.  Will new members be presented an opportunity to make a commitment?
A: Yes

13.  Why should I give my money to this campaign rather than another charity?
A: This is a personal decision that should be prayerfully considered.  As members of our church we all share the responsibility to ensure the financial solvency of our enterprise.

14.  Should my campaign commitment be above and beyond my regular gifts and tithes?
A: Yes

15.  Will there be checks and balances in the reception of the gifts?
A: Yes.  We have a team called the Impact team that we keep accountability and record of all campaign contributions.

16.  How do I know that this money won't simply be rolled into every day expenses?
A: The priority is to pay off the bridge loan and other smaller debts and if we raise more than that we will be able have an emergency contingency fund to use as needed for cash flow assistance.  Right now our cash flow is basically week to week.  

17.  What are we trying to raise?

  • 1.     $500,000 (Bottom Line Goal) -- We pay off the Bridge Loan and Costs of Campaign

  • 2.     $700,000 (Preferred Goal) -- We pay off the Bridge Loan, Cost of Campaign, and  Line of Credit

  • 3.     $1 million (God Does a Miracle Goal) -- We pay off the Bridge Loan, Cost of Campaign, Line of Credit, and then have a $300,000 church line of credit