Meet Our Church Staff & Volunteers

Vine & Branches Staff


Pastor Dax Jordan

Pastor of Vine & Branches Lutheran Church


Nicole Pozinsky

Communications Director for Vine & Branches Child Development Center
Acting Front Desk for Vine & Branches Lutheran Church


Ray Schaible

Acting Business Manager of Vine & Branches Lutheran Church

Vine & Branches Ministry Committees

Kim Wagoner

Care Committee Chair

Kim Wagoner

Family Life Committee Chair

Eric Amrhein

Human Resources Committee Chair


Alex Walter

Communications Committee Chair

Simon Reeder

Worship Committee Chair


Terri Jordan

Fellowship Committee Chair


Gregg Black

Education Committee Chair

Open Position

Youth Committee Chair

JoAnne Eckenrode

Outreach Committee Chair


Karen Voth

Child Development Center Committee Chair

Steve Sphar

Properties Committee Chair

Michelle Moomey

Finance Committee Chair

Vine & Branches Board of Governors

Eric Klanderman

Board Member

Al Mongen

Board Member

OPEN Position

Board Member


Open position

Board Member

Martin Grosz

Board Member

Valentine Quinlivan

Board Member